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"Thank you so much Matt.
 I placed an order for 200 shares but was allocated 25 @ $15 a share.
 Very nice reward so far - though I would loved to have more shares.
 This is my first pre-IPO based solely on our guidance . Very appreciated.
Victor O."
"Thank you matt, that is so great  jose."
"Hi Matt, I signed up for your subscription recently. I bought 50 Shares of LOCO
at the open and made a net USD 150, so it is a nice start. My Broker is Lynx Broker in Germany which is a branch of Interactive Brokers, and they dont give Pre IPO shares. Anyway I am happy with this for a start. Keep us all posted on LOCO and other interesting things.
Regards, Richard J"

**What To Do Now That The LOCO IPO Is In The Books?**

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