After watching CNBC's "Mad Money" for several years, it hit me like a ton of bricks one spring morning...

"A Formula That Tells Me Exactly When To Buy Jim Cramer's Stock Picks, AND When To Avoid Them..."

As a well known CNBC television personality, Jim Cramer helps "home gamers" make money with stocks...The problem? Due to being on air every day of the week, he picks a ton of stocks, and unfortunately some can be big losers.

Matt Morris, a trader with verified returns of over 300% in 2013, has found a simple way to know which of Cramer's picks to avoid...and which ones to pounce on like a cat. Sign up below for a free video which will show you exactly what type of stock to trade after Jim mentions them. Basically, it boils down to a simple formula that you'll discover during the course of the video.

This video highlights a case study where one of Jim's stock picks moved up over 50% in less than a day. Also, you'll see how you can know exactly when to act on the next stock he picks...and how to avoid the ones that may end up as painful losers.

NO Credit Card is required.

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