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Stocks from 1 penny per share to $1000 all move higher when certain "tells" present themselves. Similar to how pro poker players spot these "tells" at the poker table that lead them to big payouts, we spot them in stocks (mostly small/micro cap). When played correctly, these "tells" can lead traders to singles, doubles and even the homerun trades that many people dream of. Charting/technical analysis have their place, but what really propels stocks to make big moves is specific pieces of information. These specific nuggets  ("tells") of info are what we scan the market every day for, and when we do, we promptly alert our subscribers so they can profit.

These "tells" can be something as simple as a new, well respected CEO taking the reigns of a struggling company (such as Marissa Mayer taking the CEO spot at YHOO) or something more complex such as a game changing earnings announcement that propels a small cap stock higher for days, weeks, and sometimes many months (such as when VIPS started reporting high growth in earnings due to a new flash sale model).

Most stock trading newsletters are too focused on the charts. This is ignorant to the fact that information is what drives price action in charts. Chart indicators are only effective half of the time anyways (read "Technical Analysis Explained" for yourself). The key question to consider is whether or not you are experienced enough and if you have enough time to monitor the markets for the small pieces of information that send stocks higher in a short period of time. Again, these are our "tells" that we look for, and when we find them, we relay to our subscribers...for 8 solid years now!