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MattHi there, I'm Matt...

I’m just a normal, average, every day dude. In fact my friends say, I live somewhat of a boring lifestyle. But, I have a super-power, I kick some serious butt trading penny stocks; and I want to show you how to start kicking butt with penny stocks too.

First I’ll share why...

It wasn’t long ago that my wife was reallllly upset with me (I’ll share with you why she was so upset in just a second).

If you’re anything like me when I was a new penny stock trader; you’ve had times where you weren’t excited about showing the results of your trading. Maybe you’ve even gone out of your way to hide your losses; deleting the emails with your monthly statements.

Or, doing whatever it takes to prevent the subject of your trading adventures from being discussed at dinner time. Keeping close watch on your mailbox to intercept monthly trading statements. Heck, maybe there’s been times when your dog is the only one who really knows how much $ you’ve lost?

Perhaps you’re convinced that every time you buy a stock. It seems to tank immediately! Almost like, there is some weird cosmic force aligned against you when you decide to buy a stock…

Or maybe...

confused penny stock trader

Between the pump and dumps, complex charts and weird financial terms...

You think that trading stocks is just too complicated for you...

I want to show you some poker chips. See, penny stocks are a lot like playing poker. Sure, you can walk away from table at times as a winner with some “beginner’s luck”. But, the best poker players are consistently able to walk away from the table as winners (with all the money) by being able to identify specific “tells”.

These “tells” give winning poker players the signals they need to repeatedly make winning moves.

PokerWikipedia states: a tell in poker is a change in a player's behavior or demeanor that is claimed by some to give clues to that player's assessment of their hand. A player gains an advantage if they observe and understand the meaning of another player's tell, particularly if the tell is unconscious and reliable.

In fact the stock market has dozens and dozens of “tells” that can lead you to explosive trades on penny stocks. Stay glued to this presentation ‘til the very end and I’ll show you 3 of these very specific penny stock trading “tells”. These tells will expose how you can exit your next few penny stock trades with your pockets bursting full of “chips” and have your friends, family chasing you down to ask you how you did it.

So you can firmly establish yourself as a winner in the exciting, high reward game of penny stock trading!

How soon do you want to get started? Right now?

Just a heads up though. I’ll share 3 specific, start to finish “tells” about how to make up to 712% short term trading returns with penny/microcap stocks.

Ok! So before I get into the penny stock “tells”. I’m going to share an embarrassing personal story about how I ticked off my wife (gulp). It all took place during my early days as a penny stock trader. we have a deal?

You know what? I wasn’t always the “penny stock guru” that I am now; with hundreds of testimonials from people who I’ve helped to succeed with penny stocks. Nor was I always an established publisher of content on financial sites like

Seeking Alpha

Nor was I always an established publisher of content on financial sites like, "Yahoo Finance", "Google Finance" & others...

As Seen On

WifeMy early days as a penny stock investor, almost put an unbearable strain on one of the most important relationships I have. What relationship?

My marriage...

Here’s how it all went down. After deciding I want to test the waters with penny stocks. I got my online trading account all set up and made a significant deposit of money into it. I was ready for the world of penny stocks! (Or so I thought...)

To be clear, I wanted to do more than just “make money” with penny stocks.

See, there was just this little part of me that wanted to convince my wife that trading stocks was a realistic way we could better our lives. Specifically, I wanted to use the money I made from my trading to put a down payment on a brand spanking new 3,500 sq. Ft. House.

I had good reason to want to buy my wife a nice house too. See, I felt that my wife and kids deserved the very best; and I wanted to be the one that gave it to them.

Do you know what I mean?

However, the house we lived in at the time was well... in “the hood”.

Old House

More than once, we had front-row seats to watch our local “vice” cops carry out drug raids on nearby homes. I knew I had to do something to get my family out of that neighborhood and in to a house we’d be proud to call our own.

It’s hard to feel like a good dad when you see drug dealers near where your kids are sleeping... right?


All I had to do was come up with a nice chunk of money for a down payment on the new house. I thought I had it all figured out too. I figured what I needed was an edge. An edge over other “Joe 6 pack” traders that would launch me into the winner’s circle. So I spent hours online and must have checked out hundreds of penny stock services or “gurus”.

Finally, I thought I had found the one stock picking newsletter I could trust. Their prior picks ran up in some cases over 300%. I was convinced I could make this penny stock trading thing work for me. Because I would avoid playing “duds” from unreliable newsletters and only trade penny stock picks from what I considered to be reliable sources. Additionally, I watched several “technical analysis” videos and felt I knew how to spot penny stocks about to breakout.

ChequeVisions of writing a check for a down payment on a “trophy house” were already starting to flood my mind. I could picture sitting down to a nice dinner with my family in our spacious new dining room with custom hardwood floors. Tossing the football around in the back yard with my 3 boys. All before I had placed my first trade!

Before long, I was in the game! I made a few trades using my “technical analysis”. Had some wins. Had some losers too. Overall, I was up a little from where I started.

Not nearly enough to close the deal on a new house, though. I figured, the heck with it! I wanted to hit a “homerun” with the next stock I traded.

The adrenaline that coursed through my body when it came time for the next trade is still a vivid memory for me. I clearly remember entering in my “limit order” to buy tens of thousands of shares within just seconds after I got the email that said, “New stock pick!” (From the newsletter that I thought I could trust.)

Shortly after I placed that trade, my nerves started to rattle. To my delight the stock started to move up and I watched my account balance grow every time I clicked the “refresh” button. The stock finished that day very strong! I felt the new house I so desperately wanted to buy my wife was within reach, finally!

However, the next day turned out to be a shocker for me. I don’t recall ever feeling like I did that day in my entire life.

Here's why

I remember pouring a cup of my favorite coffee (Dunkin’ Donuts Hazelnut Blend) that bright spring morning. I then fired up my laptop and eagerly punched in my user id with password to my trading account.


A heavy mixture of excitement and nervousness about what the outcome might be consumed me that morning. I wondered maybe I’d have to take a small loss or maybe the stock would shoot up 100% or more.

What I saw next had me wondering if I there was some sort of glitch. Or if there was something terribly wrong with my trading account! My “portfolio page” proceeded to shout two horrifying numbers at me:



Why was the stock falling so hard? What was going on!?

I pulled up my charts and watched in horror as the stock showed no sign of recovery. As I watched the stock crash it felt like the dream of our new house was being ripped out of my hands. I started to fear losing not just 50%, but all of my money on this horrible trade. So I went ahead and booked my loss.

I wondered, how I was going to tell my wife about this!? The thought crossed my mind, should I hide this huge loss from my wife? Did I need to intercept the next trading statement before she saw it? How would I quickly change the subject the next time she asked about my trades? Eight grand down the drain overnight!? Was she going to think of me as some sort of reckless gambler?

This was a disaster not just for the stock. But, also for my trading account balance. The dream I had to buy my wife a new house.  Worst of all my “hero” status in the eyes of my wife. She simply believed in me, now how was I going to break the news to her that she wasn’t going to get that new house that she so dearly deserved?

I discovered that the penny stock newsletter that I had so thoroughly “trusted”; switched out their new stock pick the next day! (They usually stayed with a new pick for weeks)

I didn’t want to start hiding stuff from her; that’s not how I wanted our marriage to be. So after mustering up enough courage to tell her about the devastating loss I took on that trade (enough to cut my trading account in half). It was time for me to take a step back from trading.

Looking back on it; I’m glad that I had to take that big loss. Because it served as a turning point for my penny stock trades. Now I was more determined than ever to become successful with penny stocks. I still had a chunk of money left to trade with, but I had to figure out this whole “penny stock trading thing” before I even touched another stock.

During that time off from trading, I realized the edge I thought I had was just a figment of my imagination. I spent seemingly countless hours studying the tactics of successful traders. I read their books. Looked at their trade histories. Studied hundreds of chart patterns. Looked at what type of news releases sparked big moves in stocks. Until one particular moment when it all started to “click” for me.

What I realized was that stocks that presented big opportunity always left clues...

You could also call these clues “tells”…

I realized that in order to start winning consistently with my trades, I needed to do a careful evaluation of what exactly these penny stock “tells” are. Or in other words, what “tells” would serve as good buy signals the next time I considered making a trade on a stock.

See I realized that winning with penny stocks was a lot like winning with poker. Poker players that consistently walk away with all the chips, do it by being able to spot all the “tells” other players show that put the odds in their favor.

So I set out to create a clear cut process to identify the penny stock “tells” that could help me balloon my trading account in short order.

I weeded through many different scenarios and discovered specific short term trading “tells” to win time and time again with my trades by learning to recognize specific penny stock “tells”. I use these “tells” almost every day and it allows people like you and me to regularly extract sums of cash from penny stocks.

Cash that you can use to pay off debt. Pay your car payments. Take the wife on a nice vacation. You name it, it’s your cash and you can do whatever you want with it!

A) You’ll be able to take a small amount of cash, say $1,000 or less...

B) Find penny stocks that are primed and ready to make a big move. (Some over 100% in a short time)

C) Know almost exactly when to pull the trigger on the buy and sell button.

Etrade CardThe most convenient way I reward myself after I make my winning stock trades (as a direct result of following this formula) is by using this pretty little debit card. Don’t worry, you’ll have the chance to start splurging on new stuff with your trading profits as well once I reveal this formula in its entirety.

I’m kind of a boring the way I like to use my trading account debit card is to buy my gas with it every week. This way it’s sort of like “free gas”.

You may want to use yours for more exciting stuff and that’s totally cool: cars; vacations; tuition; etc.

I’m bursting with anticipation to share all the details of just 3 of these tells with you in just a moment.

First, I must tell you about the real problem we face as penny stock traders. Despite what other “gurus” may be telling you; if you’ve lost money with penny stocks or just don’t know where to begin. It most definitely, is not your fault!

See, what I’ve discovered amounts to nothing less than a loosely constructed conspiracy to separate eager penny stock traders from their hard-earned money as quickly as possible.

As you can tell from my early experiences as a penny stock trader, if we are “flying blind” the deck is stacked against us. And when we’re “flying blind”, there’s no way we can spot those “tells” that make all the difference. We truly are “the little guys” when we start out as penny stock traders. We are plagued by one big factor that sets us up for failure: lack of information.

I mean, when we first start out as traders (if we are honest with ourselves) we really don’t know where to we? When we search for information online in an effort to satisfy our craving for penny stock trading information, we tend to sit down at "tables" with others who are just a bit too sneaky for us...

Poker Player Gambler Gambling Retro

Stock promoters are amongst the craftiest of those who want to take our money. We join their “free” email newsletters, because they offer to fill the void and promise to give us the information we need to make money with penny stocks. While in reality all the promoters offer us is bogus information. While they make all the money!

Isn’t that just–unfair?

See basically the promoters pump worthless penny stocks, while insiders (the people who pay the promoters) dump these stocks. Which leaves the eager, optimistic “little guy” penny stock investor/trader with a big loss. Like my case where I lost 8k overnight, that almost put me out of penny stock trading forever.

Heck, you’ve already probably been bombarded with advertisements from paid stock promoters haven’t you? This truly is not your fault my friend!

The same way that professional poker players have an advantage over rookie poker players-- stock promoters take advantage of newbie penny stock traders. To put it plainly, “it really sucks!”

Now that you know the problem.

That the reason you are losing with penny stocks is due to lack of being able to read the face of other “poker players”, like stock promoters.

Let’s dive into the solution.

I have 3 specific penny stock “tells” or strategies for you today and I’m going to share them with you right here in this letter. I highly recommend that you grab a pen and paper to write these down.

Ready ? Awesome

The first of which is this: “The Uplisting tell”

Now when I say “tell” or “strategy”, I basically mean information. See information is what causes stocks to move in one direction or another. Example: when a stock is about to “uplist” to a bigger exchange i.e. from OTCBB to NYSE or AMEX, consider buying that stock for a trade.

Not that long ago, ONVO moved over 100% in about a week and BCCI moved over 700% after releasing news about an uplisting. I’ll let this chart do the talking.

Penny Stocks

You can scan through news releases each morning to spot these types of “uplisting” announcements. These uplisting announcements don’t happen very often, according to my research they only occur 8-10 times a year. But isn’t it awesome that you can use this strategy to find big winners at least several times a year?

How you liking the penny stock “tells” so far?

Ready for winning penny stock trading strategy no. 2!

“The Sympathy tell”:

If you can spot a penny stock moving over 500% in a short time, look for other stocks in that sector to start moving as well.

Example: when LEXG moved over 2000%, other penny stocks in the “lithium sector” started to move over 1500%. But, it took a few days so if you knew what to look for you could have spotted the “sympathy tells” and cashed in big time!

Don’t kid yourself, there’s no way to predict a move like LEXG had.

Penny Stocks

However, you could have searched for other “lithium” penny stocks and had plenty of time to load up on a stock like LTUM weeks before it became a huge winner!

Penny Stocks

Does the next “sympathy tell” sound like a scenario you’d like to be made aware of? Now, let's move on to...

The 3rd critically important winning trading technique. (Warning: if you don’t use tip #3 you may be leaving a new car, boat, or paid-for college tuition; on the table.)

And tip number 3 is this: “Big Dog Tell”.

Familiarize yourself with people who have a lot of followers. Some might even have their own TV Show (hint: CNBC). When they positively mention a penny stock, it will likely have a big move. I noted a popular “stock picker” mention shares of a stock that were trading at $2.30 early one morning, by the next day this stock hit $3.23; simply due to the fact that he recommended it!

Penny Stocks

Even if you were just to use those 3 specific strategies; I bet you could do extremely well with your trading. Hitting winner after winner after winner! Don’t you think?

You know what? I have many more stock trading “tells” that I could teach you. However, the time it would take to teach you all of them would seem like an eternity.

So how about if I give you the opportunity to access/discover even more of my penny stock strategies...right now? And, would you like me to sit down beside you and "spoon-feed" stock picks to you using the strategies I just showed you?

Just do what I do. I'll be sharing all the strategies that have molded me into a consistently winning “player” at the game of penny stocks. Now you have the chance to quickly become a winning "player" at the game of penny stocks.

Is that something that you'd like me to help you become?

It would almost be like me sitting down at the poker table with you, whispering into your ear all the “tells” that I see the other poker players showing. Except these “tells” would give you the exact details on when to buy and sell penny stocks. How helpful do you think that would be for you? Pretty darn helpful...or...profitable right?

Let’s take a sneak peek into my trading account

My Account

Imagine what it would feel like to log in to your trading account and show this to someone you love? Or to confidently walk out to the mailbox and rip open a monthly trading statement that looks something like this? Imagine how other people would see you after you show them results like this?

It wasn’t long ago I was with staying at my dad’s house and I logged into my trading account. My dad happened to catch a glance of my screen and asked, “What is that matt?” I answered him, “dad, that’s my trading account.” I will never forget, as long as I live, the look of pride on my dad’s face that day.

No doubt, money from profitable trading is awesome! However, it’s really just something that naturally comes after we win at the high stakes game of trading isn’t it?

Those stock trades I showed you were great huh? What I didn’t tell you about was the amount of time involved in digging up those types of trades. Sometimes I run a bit low on sleep to find them, but it always ends up being worth the extra work!

What I'm about to reveal to you is the biggest "Shortcut" I believe you need to quickly become a winning micro cap/penny stock trader...

Let me proudly introduce to you...

The Microcap Millionaires Penny Stock Strategy Course


This online video & report format course gives you exclusive access to my penny stock strategies that can lead you to life changing gains!

You can get instant access to your very own you can start racking up some impressive gains with penny stocks. So while your course contains strategies valued at over $497...

(Just one trade using these strategies could net you well over $497)

I've decided to make this a "No-Brainer" of a decision for you. Yet before I reveal the price of this course...let me level with you about something.

I wasn't exactly a straight-A student in school. So...if you've been able to follow along this are more than qualified to be able to use the strategies in this course.

That means...with just a bit of help from can succeed with penny stocks...even if you are a complete newbie! How excited are you to get started?

So you're investment today is not $497...


In's not even going to be $297...

Because I want to help you get started and make this a complete "No-Brainer" decision for you...

Your investment today is just a one time payment of $97!

So go ahead and click here to get access to your course within seconds!

You'll be taking a giant step towards the success you deserve...

Want to know some details of what's inside?

In one of the reports contained in this course, you'll see why one stock moved over 2,000% in just a few days due to a specific news release...And more you can find the next stock that is in an identical scenario.

Let me ask you something...What would you do if you took $100 and turned it into $2,000?

With $100...You'd be able to have a night out at a steak house and then go to see the latest movie...

Yet if you had $2,'d be able to book a vacation to the exotic spot of your choice...including airfare, rental cars...and plenty of money to buy cool stuff while you are on your getaway...Pretty cool huh?

This one of a kind penny stock strategy course can work for you...even if you have:

*No trading experience/lack of knowledge

*A small amount of trading $

*No active trading (brokerage) account

*A limited amount of time available (due to busy schedule)

*Live outside the USA

*Have lost $ in the past on penny stocks

*No extra $ for expensive trading software

  Or even if you think you’ve tried everything!


Inside the course, you'll also see how video taken from my personal computer that reveals a way to spot stocks that may move up to 126% due to a specific technical analysis setup.

Once you see this technical analysis won't believe how simple it is!

You're also going to get access to my process for finding "Hidden Gem" stocks...these stocks may turn every $500 you have into $ short order!


No worries! I'll walk you through all the you quickly get up to speed and start making trades soon. You'll also see how to avoid some nasty traps that many new penny stock traders fall into...that can cost you thousands if you don't know how to avoid.

Now, if that's not enough for you...I have a bonus offer you're sure to love...

If you're anything like the 9,000 people that have used my penny stock strategies in the past, your time may be a bit stretched already.

So, how would you like me to "tap you on the shoulder" the next time I find a penny stock ready to make a big move? Yeah?


I'd also like to give you 30 day access of my penny stock newsletter...Where I spoon-feed you my personal stock picks with both buy AND sell alerts!

Let's take a look and see what some of my newsletter subscribers have to say about my stock picks: 






Unlike some other penny stock services...the testimonials you see above are all genuine and no one was compensated in any way in exchange for these testimonials!

Now, let me quickly tell you what “Microcap Millionaires” penny stock strategy is not. Just so you know exactly what you’re about to experience.

This is not yet another “stock picking robot” or “magic stock picking” software gizmo. It is not some penny stock promoter “shilling” as a something he’s not. You’ve been lied to enough!

It’s time for a solution that works without the trumped up promises from shady stock promoters that separate you from your money.

Important: But before we go any further, it’s only fair that I be 100% up front and absolutely honest with you:

If you are looking for some big promise about one stock that will be your “ticket to the big time”; or some other wild claim from some self-professed guru who has “cracked the code” to achieve penny stock success that you already know will never, ever work for you. If that’s what you want, then leave this page now.

Microcap Millionaires is a service for folks who are ready to put aside fantasy. Yet, still want the most exciting way to grab their slice of the penny stock riches pie. In short, there are no “easy” answers here. However, I’ve made penny stock trading for average folks as easy as it can get.

So, if you’re wanting the real advantage that you need to start chalking up an amazing win-streak with penny stocks, I’ll tell you what to expect. If you want to finally put an end to the endless string of losing penny stock trades... get the added income flow that comes from consistently profitable trades...income that you can use for whatever you want...

Such as things like paying off debt. Taking lavish vacations. Buying fancy new cars, or just being able to treat your family to things you’ve never been able to afford before today.

Without having to be glued to your computer screen every day for hours on end? Then the Microcap Millionaires penny stock newsletter is not just “a” stock picking service for you. It is the only penny stock service for you!

Here's what you need to do in order to get the Microcap Millionaires Strategy Course AND the free 30 days of my stock picking newsletter...when you click here or on any of the "Order Now" buttons on this page, you'll be taken to a page that looks like this:

Step 1 For Penny Stock Strategy & Newsletter Checkout

While you are on that page, be sure to leave both of the checkboxes illustrated in the image below (to get the free 30 days of the newsletter, that is):

checkout instructions

If for some reason, you decided NOT to get the free 30 days of the stock picking newsletter, simply uncheck the appropriate box when you check out.


Then, simply fill out the rest of your information, as shown below, and click "Proceed to Clickbank"...


Let’s take a look at what you’ll receive with your membership to Microcap Millionaires stock picking newsletter.


You’ll get access to MM “Feature Picks”. “Feature Picks” are stocks that I plan to hold for one to eight weeks, with clear entry (buy) and exit (sell) price targets.

Penny Stocks

From 2.80 to our exit price and beyond!



“Long Term Picks”, these are stock picks that I predict 3 to 12 month uptrends on stocks that you can be comfortable holding while your trading account dollar balance grows.

No high stress-glued-to-the-computer-daytrading to worry about!

I’ll issue new “Long Term Picks” as soon as my strategies identify a stock with all of the right clues. These are stocks that have been overlooked by Wall Street and are poised for powerful multi-month uptrends. This includes my exact strategy for buying and selling these stock picks. Which aims to let you squeeze every last drop of profit out of this trade.

Penny Stocks

My ultimate goal for “Long Term Picks”: live your life while you rack up low-maintenance, high impact winning trades. And...


Stocks that hit sweet spots and are ready for nice short term moves of 10% to 50%. We are usually in and out of these stocks within 3 days. I have found that our win rate with these stocks is a shocking 70% (at least so far). They provide us with a great adrenaline rush for a quick fix of trading wins while holding other longer term stock picks.

Example MM “Short Term Trade”: Here’s the real time alerts sent to members.

MM Members

“Short Term Trades” allow you to quickly rack up trading profits and after the sell alert is sent...they enable you to have enough “dry powder” to pounce on the next stock pick! “Short Term Trades” are great because these stocks are liquid; you can use a large amount of money and sell without a problem!

You'll also get...


These picks are the source of some of the most crazy email testimonials I get from my subscribers. People almost fall out of their chairs when they see a stock pick go from .001 all the way to .01 a share (a 1000% gain). The thrill that comes with hitting big wins on sub penny stocks is almost like an addiction you can’t get enough of!

You’ll be able to see what I mean after you have the opportunity to jump in a sub penny pick like others that I have alerted before.

Like this one.

Penny Stocks

With MM "Sub Penny Picks" you have the chance to turn a small amount of money ($100 to $500) into multiple thousands. MM "Sub Penny Picks" may give you that extra cash infusion into your  bank account  that allows you to buy a new car, take a sunny vacation, pay for tuition, etc.

So if you think about it, it’s really like getting four incredible penny stocks services--in one!


You will get my new stock pick alerts and updates 3-5 times a week, sent right to your email inbox. As well as have access to them 24/7 in a password protected member’s only area. So there’s no way you can miss out on any of them!

Remember, all of these stock picks come complete with both my entry (buy) and exit (sell) price recommendations. So you aren’t left in the dark as to how to both start and finish your trade on every penny stock pick I issue. In fact, I often hear back from new members of Microcap Millionaires about how they are starting to see substantial gains in their trading accounts. Just a few days after joining.

How soon would you like to see some awesome results from trading?

It’s amazing that real people like you and me; with no formal “stock trading education”, are seeing and experiencing results like this.

Realized Gains

Now, you may believe that a penny stock service that can do this much for you would cost a pretty penny. I’ll get to the price in just a moment. First, I want to share a few other very unique benefits this one-of-a-kind penny stock service will deliver to you.

Debt FreeYou’ll also be receiving access to my exclusive penny stock trading strategies that can teach you profit generating trading techniques in just minutes. Turning a few hundred bucks into several thousand is not only beneficial to you financially.

It’s also the thrill of a lifetime! I’ve proven that penny stock trading can and should be immensely profitable. That’s why I want to share this success with you!

Isometric icon Case of Money


I’ll be constantly on the lookout for more and more profitable penny stock trades to bring to your attention. So that your money can keep growing indefinitely! Yet, you’re not just immediately reserving your membership slot to microcap millionaires today: Just for reading this letter, I’d like to give you free of charge this value-add bonus to help you start cashing in with penny stocks even faster!

I also have a special Bonus Report for you...

It's “The Reverse Merger Strategy” ($97 value) & it allows you to find penny stocks with regularity before potentially huge news is announced. This strategy capitalizes on a sneaky way to find stocks about to be used in merger deals. One of these stocks went/moved over 10,000% in less than 2 weeks!

Ebook cover

Now you can see why the microcap millionaires stock picking newsletter is very fairly valued at $297 per month. Even without the bonuses, this is a steal. If you bought the bonus by itself, your total investment today would be over $97!

However, just for reading this letter today, I have a much better deal coming your way; just keep reading, as it won’t last much longer.

Of course, you could choose to just continue on the path you’re on right now and miss out on 5...10... Or even more new stock picks that could change your life for the better in the very near term future.

And let’s not even begin to talk about how things are not likely to change for your financial outlook a month, 2 months, even 1 year from now unless you take action to reap the rewards of trading penny stocks successfully.

That’s most definitely not what I want for you. So let’s make this a really easy decision, okay?

To think that people who just a couple weeks ago didn’t even know where to begin are now rapidly beginning to build massive amounts of wealth with penny stocks....compels me to have a specific mission in mind with regards to my service. My mission is called the “10 million dollar challenge”.

I want to keep a running tally of all the penny stock profits my subscribers make until we reach 10 million dollars! After that, we’ll shoot for 50 million!


My mission for you specifically, is for you to achieve a level of financial freedom from trading. I’ll let you define what “financially free” may be. It might be as simple as having enough extra money every month to do the things you want to do, but can’t due to cash being tight. Or it could be the high calling of becoming a full time stock trader or investor and finally telling your boss to, “take this job and shove it”!

Or maybe something in between? Such as keeping your current source of income (job, business, etc.) and using my stock trading buy and sell alerts to steadily build a monstrous pile of cash. Maybe it’s just to see that look of admiration on a loved one’s face, the same way my dad looked at me when he saw my trading account.

And remember that house I wanted for my family? Well, we finally got it!

New House

Because there really is a bigger picture here...

New House

New House

Matt and Wife

See, I’ve come to realize that folks who have more than “just enough $ to get by” often are happier and more fulfilled people; than the people out there who continue to struggle to make ends meet. Not to mention, how much better off many families would be if they just had one extra financial resource to tap into.

That’s why you will not be paying the regular price of the microcap millionaires newsletter and all of the bonuses I mentioned (well over $250). Not even close.

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Maybe you’re wondering if Microcap Millionaires is for you if:

1) you’ve never traded a stock before

2) you only have a small amount of money to start trading with.

My answer is...Yes! Yes! and.... Yes!

100 DollarsI do my best to make everything understandable, even if you have zero trading experience. Or you’re starting out with as little as $100 to trade with is perfectly fine!

I also get questions like this all the time: “Matt, I want to buy your course/join your newsletter and start trading, I just don’t know exactly where to start?”

Here’s my suggestion: invest in your course today, pay attention to the strategies and stock alerts so you can get a feel for how things work for a couple weeks.

During that time, get your trading account opened up and funded with some $. That way, you’ll be primed and ready to pounce the new stock picks I issue during your second month. There is a section in the member’s area that will show you what online trading brokers you can use. This section will show you my preferred brokers for folks in the US, Canada, the UK and even a broker that will allow you to trade from almost any country on the globe.

Also, I get asked: “Matt, can I see the track record of your stock picks?” My answer. Absolutely!

Here’s a list of price movements of some of my recent picks.

My Picks

However, I do admit my sell/exit zone was too low, since the stock moved over $8 a share.

Another one:  IWSY was alerted at 1.72 and proceeded to move all the way to 2.85 in just about 2 weeks, a nice +60% gain!

Penny Stocks

And another: MDBX rocketed from $34 to $110 in just 3 days!

Penny Stocks

And another: CERP climbed from .015 all the way to .07 in about 3 weeks!

Penny Stocks

Penny Stocks

And yet another: SSOL went from .006 up to .015

Penny Stocks

And a quick list of some of the price action of some more of my recent stock picks:

AWRE from $5.12 to 5.35 (the next day) MSPD from $2.50 to 3.45 (about 6 weeks) STOA from $.001 to .008 (about 2 months) FMCC from $2.08 to 2.95 (same day) BTX from $3.75 to 5.01 (little over 2 weeks)

A quick list of some of the price action of some more of my recent stock picks:

HLF from $27 to 46 (about 3 weeks) CGEN from $ 5.32 to 8.30 (about 5 months) MDXG from $5.33 to 7.50 (about a month) ZNGA from $2.41 to 3.73 (about 2 months) EMOT from $.0075 to .013 (same day)

Poker PlayerWith results like that, you might be wondering if sometimes I pick a stock that fails to go up. Well...the answer is that the vast majority of my stock picks do have nice moves soon after I alert them. Not all of them get to my desired exit/sell zones however; so there may be times when you have to settle for a smaller profit on my stock picks. And there are times when stocks may move in a way I did not foresee.

In those instances, I will do my best to make sure that losses are taken quickly. So we can move on to a new stock pick that has all the right tells. No one can be right 100% of the time right? The same way professional poker players have to take a loss at times, so do we.

However, for every loss we take if we use our proven penny stock “tells” we can win far more often than we lose.  That’s the way you can build wealth consistently with penny stocks and I want to help you get started today.

I issue new stock picks about every 1 to 2 weeks. So, now that you’ve watched this letter almost to the end, I would hate for you to miss out on my next stock pick. Have you ever looked at a stock that had a huge move and thought to yourself: “Man! I wish I would have known about this stock before it took off.”

Please do not let that be the case for you. My next stock pick that could shoot up over 50%...100%...200% or more could be released any moment.

Actually, I often get emails from people asking me if it’s “too late” to buy one of my stock picks, soon after it begins to take off. Unfortunately, I must caution them from buying a stock pick after it leaves my suggested buy/entry zone. It really bums me out to see people miss out when I make a great stock pick. I definitely don’t want you to fall into that category, as I’d hate to see that you missed out on the next big stock pick.

So go ahead and click the order now button to get access to Microcap Millionaires penny stock newsletter right now.

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So act now and join us!

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