*NEW DVD: Avoid Account Draining Mistakes AND Discover How To Churn Out Winning Trades!

Others charge $500 and up for trading DVD's...yet Matt turns things upside down once again by offering you his "Look Over My Shoulder" DVD for just $9.95!

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Show Me How You Do It, Matt!

Learn to focus on stocks that lead you to exciting short term wins, while avoiding the time-wasting, account-draining losers!

Trading stocks actively sounds exciting and there is money to be made for sure. But if you try to "wing it" by trading in and out of stocks? Simply by using trial and error? I'll go out on a limb and say that you are going to blow your entire account...or at least 50% of it. So, the question is, should that deter you from becoming an active trader?

I don't think so. My aim for this DVD will be to help you avoid some of the mistakes I made while I donated thousands of dollars to "Mr. Market". In addition to shedding light on account crippling mistakes that many new traders make, I'll also show your real examples/case studies of trades that I take that lead me to fat profits. Of course I don't win 100% of the time, so you'll see the trades that lead me to losses, as well.
  • How To quickly compile a list of trade ideas each morning.
  • Discover what stocks to focus on and which ones to avoid
  • Copy my step by step formula for profitable trade execution.
 Bottom line is this: If you 1) order your DVD and 2) actually take the time to watch it you will shave years off of your learning curve as a trader and immediately be able to recognize stocks that are poised for sharp uptrends that may help you rapidly grow your trading/bank account. If you are interested in being able to weed out stocks that will only lead you to losses...AND being able to spot stocks as they prepare to enter powerful moves to the upside, this DVD is for you.

Lastly, can you afford to miss out on this, considering all you need to invest is a paltry $9.95? So click the button below, fill out the secure order from and I'll get your DVD shipped pronto!

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Today you wished those of us well who bought your recent trade. Bought 2250 on 4/11 @ $2.62. Sold same today @ 3.06. For the amount of money I am using to trade, that is a good profit for me. Out of six trades this year, I had only one small loss of about $170.00 back in Jan. I hope this ratio of loss/gain will continue as I build my trading funds. Your work is much appreciated. Keep up the good work.


David B
David B.
David B.
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Look Over My Shoulder Trading With Matt DVD