BIG Trade Coming This Friday…

Friend, go ahead and check your other

…Go ahead. And then–come back to this one once
you’ve read all of them.

You back?

Perfect. So… I want to tell you why I believe,
beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this Friday,
September 19th 2014…

Is a day you need to be locked and loaded with
an online brokerage account, ready to make at
least one trade.

Yet first…

I want to illustrate my point by sharing a short
story from my childhood. Ready?

Jump into my time machine with me as we journey
back to:


The 5th grade…

My teacher’s name was Miss Schantz. A nice lady
with curly hair who had a passion for teaching English.

And unbeknownst to her… at the back corner
of the field we used during recess…

Us boys would take turns pinning down one kid
every day and then administer, without much
mercy, a punch to the mid section… the GUTS.


Sure it hurt… (my number came up too!)

But it was a weird way we boys bonded
back then, and in a way, helped toughen us

Have a similar story from your elementary school

I’d love to hear about it…

Yet I’m sharing this tidbit of nostalgia from my childhood
for more than just kicks and giggles.


You probably know all about the Apple event from
a week ago…that revealed the iPhone 6, Apple Pay,
and the Apple Watch.

Yet with that event in the books/over & done with…

You might think that all the good trades based off of that
event are in the books, right?


Good news…because MOST of the money being made
off of the new suite of Apple products…

Will be made AFTER this Friday, September 19th.


Because that’s when we’ll get our first glimpse
into the mid-section…er…”guts” of the new iPhone.

*Note: we’ve seen what the new phones look like,
but no one has been able to actually get one “in hand” yet..they
are only available for pre-order so far…make sense?


In similar fashion as to how we 5th grade boys found
out what each other were made of after a round of swift
jabs to the guts…

We’ll see what’s inside of AAPL’s iPhone 6 on Friday…

Or as I like to say….We’ll see the GUTS!


And… after we see those shiny innards, we’ll know for sure
what new technology is in the iPhone 6…and at the
same time, what stocks to buy as a result of that…

iPhone 6 “Gut Check”, if you will.

Want to know how to make a boatload of
cash on Friday & throughout next week
as a result of the “iPhone 6 Gut-Check”?

Get in line early Friday morning, buy one,
then go home and dissect it.


But seriously…pay attention on Friday to what
stocks are moving based off of inclusion of their
technology in the iPhone 6 “guts”.

It shouldn’t be too terribly difficult, you’ll just
need to watch a live trading platform and analyze
each stock that is moving, and then check to see
if it’s a stock moving based off of the scenario
I just explained.

Make sense?

I think they’ll be some stocks that move 100% in
just a few days or weeks as a result of what we
learn on Friday (or over the weekend).


If you want me to tap you on the shoulder…

So you can avoid any potential “fool’s gold”
type stock (some people will pump up stocks
as something that is included in the new phone,
even though it’s not reality…careful!)…

In the form of an email alert…as to when I find
a stock I like for a trade based on Friday’s
iPhone 6 “Gut Check”…

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Remember, this info will come out on Friday, and if you’re late to
the party? You’ll miss the majority of the “meat of the move”.

And… that stinks to high heaven.

Some of these stocks may be under $5 per share, and
when these little guys get some buying volume, they
shoot up FAST.

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Excited to trade with you,

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p.p.s. this is not for the same stocks listed in the “iPhone
6 Playbook” I released months ago…we are out of those
stocks…actually sold them before the event last week for
a nice profit