BIG Trade Coming This Friday…

Friend, go ahead and check your other emails. …Go ahead. And then–come back to this one once you’ve read all of them. You back? Perfect. So… I want to tell you why I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this Friday, September 19th 2014… Is a day you need to be locked and loaded with an online brokerage account, readyRead More »

[track record update] China stock picks SOARING!

SO are you tired of missing out on my Chinese stock picks yet? [In case you've been apathetic towards trading lately, it's time to awake out of your slumber, and the Alibaba IPO is a major reason why...] Probably not, because you haven’t been a paid member of the Microcap Millionaires family this month. So let me fill you inRead More »

iPhone 6 & iWatch Trading PLAN for you…

Friend hi! Matt here… Ready for the “Apple Event” today? [Here's a CNBC article to give you an overview] I’m checking in to give you the scoop on how you can avoid missing out on what stocks may double or triple in the next few weeks and months… Directly as a result of new information about partnerships with Apple Inc.Read More »

Getting Stock Picks AND Learning As You Go…

Ever hear something like that Friend? Or maybe “have the best of both worlds?”… Well… When we usually hear both of those expressions… It’s usually people telling us that we can’t have it “like that”. “You can’t have the best of both worlds…” “You can’t have your cake and eat it too..” Right? Now, in microcap/penny stock trading… I’ve learnedRead More »

Updated 2014 Track Record for Microcap Millionaires

TRADERS and INVESTORS: This is getting ree-donkulous! Hey…Matt here… And just since this fabulous new year started, my subscribers have been scoring some windfall generating, adrenaline pumping gains… And at the same time, I can’t really think of any trades that went bad? Not joshin’ ya either. Wouldn’t do that! Soooo…. Would you like to see a track record of my recentRead More »

How’s things going in 2014? (Stock Picks)

Well it’s been a while since I wrote up a blog post, no doubt. Can you blame me? People don’t really care about blogs, and prefer reading emails instead. So that’s what I do. Email…. Every Day. But in case you stumbled onto my site from Google or Bing, let me recap some recent action here in 2014: WINNERS inRead More »

“Food Stamp Stock Pick” Revisited…

I really ruffled some folks’ feathers a while back… They were ticked off because I called one penny stock my “Food Stamp Stock Pick”. In all fairness to my critics…I did go on a couple rants about how people abuse the food stamp system and use it for money to “go clubbin” etc, etc.   [That’s not speculation either…I actually know theseRead More »

TWTR IPO (Twitter)… What Can It Do For You?

…Matt here. Darn good to see ya! TWTR (Twitter) stock just went live on the NYSE. I wanted to send out a quick email to give you my thoughts, and I’ll be brief. I think: 1) This stock will be much higher 6 months from now (hard to say what it will do now/tomorrow/next week…but leaning towards a nice moveRead More »

Microcap Millionaires Member Update [Example]

Ever wonder what exactly paid subscribers of my newsletter get (subscribe here)? Here’s an example member update from March 11, 2013: MM’ers, That sure was a nice weekend trade (bought Friday/sold Monday) onPAMT. If you choose to hold that’s up to you, but when you have gains that quickly… Why not ring the register? PAMT up 15% so far today, andRead More »

Interest in Stocks At All Time Low? What The Bleep For?

What is wrong with people? The market is at or near all time highs (at least as I write this, it is)…yet we see the ratings for CNBC at all time lows. Common sense rarely betrays me, and it tells me that if people in general were excited about the stock market they’d be tuning in to CNBC more duringRead More »