Getting Stock Picks AND Learning As You Go…

Ever hear something like that Friend?

Or maybe “have the best of both worlds?”…


When we usually hear both of those expressions…

It’s usually people telling us that we can’t have
it “like that”.

“You can’t have the best of both worlds…”

“You can’t have your cake and eat it too..”


Now, in microcap/penny stock trading…

I’ve learned that people want one thing above
all else:

#1 Thing People Want: stock picks with clearly
defined suggestions as to when/where to buy and

That’s really the main thing.

And I work hard to give my paid subscribers
frequent stocks picks, as well as updates on picks
we are holding for a while.


I’ve been hearing a whole lot from people lately…

Who want MORE than just the “push button”, show
me when to buy, when to sell type information.

What else do they want?


In a nutshell….they want to know WHY I pick
a stock when I do.

In other words, what makes a stock look so darn
good that I’m willing to put my reputation on the
line by recommending it to good people who
willingly pay me around $100 a month??

And so I’ve made it a point in my recent webinars
to explain that I do in fact lay out my rationale as
to why I pick a specific stock when I alert it as a

So what’s the punch line here?


Simply put…people are wising up…

Sure they want the stock picks…


They also want to learn as they go.

Sound like you?

As in…

You want the picks that can help you quickly
grow your Etrade, Scottrade, TDAmeritrade,
Interactive Brokers…or other brokerage account…


You want to learn why I’m picking the stocks
that I do, when I do (that may lead to +500% yearly gains).

So do you fall into that category?

Ok…so if you are nodding your head yes…

Take a look at this example from last Thursday,
where I highlighted GLUU to my paid subscribers:

“”They are continuing to build momentum in their gaming
app business, and they released a new title yesterday that
has so many 5 star reviews it’s almost unreal.
It’s a “Kim Kardashian” game (link).

The last time GLUU released a hit game the stock moved
from $2 to $5 over the course of several months (last year’s
“Deer Hunter” game).”

GLUU hasn’t done too bad since last Thursday,

The major “Tell” that tipped me off to big impending
move on GLUU was that the last time a new game
they released went viral/became popular, the stock

I’m thinking you wouldn’t mind seeing a stock you
buy quickly double. 🙂

If you’re not interested in learning, and all you want is the picks…

That’s perfectly fine. Life is busy and
our brains can only absorb so much info
on a daily basis…LOL.

Yet if you want to not only get my

And want to cut through the devastating
losses that I experienced before I really
established myself as a consistently profitable

I’ve got a special “Learn As You Go” bonus
for you today.

With your first month’s subscription ($97)
to my buy and sell alert newsletter,
I’m opening up the doors to my “brain-dump”
course that highlights dozens of my
“Tells” that lead me to big movers.

GLUU was a “real-life” example that
I laid out for you right here in this email…

And there are many more examples
in the course.

Special Bonus for “Learn As You Go” Folks:

[$197 Value] NEW Microcap Millionaires Strategy Course…

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>> Get Profit Generating Alerts AND Learn As You Go <<

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to send me an email and my assistant will handle it pronto (hope you
stay a good while to profit and learn, though!)

Worst case….

I hope you learned a little something from the GLUU example of what
I consider a “Tell”.

Yet if you want to cut out the guesswork and finally discover the things
you need to focus on to find winning stocks…

==> Quickly Become a Skilled Penny Stock Trader

I hope to hear back from about what you’ve learned!

So basically, you’ll be having plenty
of stock picking “cake”, and “eating it
too”, with the strategy course. 🙂

And….you’ll have…

==> The Best of Both Worlds


p.s. while some people “sleep” on stock trading during the summer and only get interested in the first 3 months of the year, you have the chance to prove that you are not one of them