How’s things going in 2014? (Stock Picks)

Well it’s been a while since I wrote up a blog post, no doubt.

Can you blame me? People don’t really care about blogs, and prefer
reading emails instead. So that’s what I do. Email….

Every Day.


But in case you stumbled onto my site from Google or Bing, let me recap
some recent action here in 2014:

WINNERS in January:

1) TRTC alerted at .07 per share, sell alert at .31 (yes I realize it’s went higher since).

TRTC  Chart

2) MM alerted at 7.20 a share, sold at $8 (hit our stop loss). Alerted it due to excellent
earnings pre-announcement. They’re in the mobile ads business, the very same thing
that has FB stock screaming higher lately (FB earnings from mobile ads skyrocketed).

MM Chart

3) UA call options alerted (yes, aka the “Duck Dynasty Trade of 2014”) in mid January in
anticipation of a blowout on UA earnings on Jan 30th. Worked out perfectly, I made
$8,752. Was in April calls and small position in UA Jan 31 $86 strike weekly calls.

UA Chart

LOSERS in January 2014:

1) SWRL was alerted as a new pick the day of earnings (late Jan). It’s down from .90
(at time of alert) to .85 (as I type this).

SWRL Chart

2) MONIF. We are long since .80 in September but the stock is down about 2% here in January. It
hit 1.38 early in the month but is now at 1.13. So subscribers are up on the stock but it is down for
for the month, to be fair?


Ok so there ya go. An update of what’s going on behind the restricted doors
that paid members are only allowed to enter.

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