Tech Stock That May Move Big Before 2014 Hits

*Stretch out for 4-6 seconds while the video loads… 🙂

Note: This tech stock is pulling back with the overall market today (buying opportunity in my opinion!), it will likely be alerted tomorrow or early next week. I expect up to a 50% to 100% move on this stock in the coming weeks due to:

  1. Low-ball analyst expectations for earnings (although the company is poised blow out those expectations to the upside)
  2. This is a “seasonal” stock that often runs during the 4th quarter of the year…and we just started 4Q 2013!
  3. The chart is set up perfectly for big move, with clear support and areas of resistance that may be easily be broken to the upside.
  4. Recent news about this company being hired to provide their technology into new versions of Samsung tablets. (this helps build earnings momentum)
  5. Money managers may look to build large positions in this stock, we will be able to get in before they finish buying all the shares they want and ride the stock up while they buy!

Click the “Order Now” button to take this trade with me, I believe we’ll be smiling a month from now as a result of this stock pick…don’t miss out…this stock could bring you some “new car money”!

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penny stock chart


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