TWTR IPO (Twitter)… What Can It Do For You?

…Matt here.

Darn good to see ya! 🙂

TWTR (Twitter) stock just went live on the NYSE.

I wanted to send out a quick email to give
you my thoughts, and I’ll be brief.

I think:

1) This stock will be much higher 6 months from now (hard to say
what it will do now/tomorrow/next week…but leaning towards a nice
move up)

2) The media’s “oh no this might be another FB disaster” is the
type of skepticism that will help this stock do the exact opposite.

3) Overall business model of twitter: I was just looking at their
ad platform and it looks interesting (they sent me an invite). I don’t
totally understand it, but then again in 2005 I didn’t totally understand
Google pay per click either.

Edit: TWTR Chart added..

twtr chart twitter stock chart

TWTR a little too rich for your blood?

I understand…

I mean…if you only have $1000 to trade with….what
can TWTR do for you in the next week or so…


Go from $30 to $32?

Wooptee-doo right?

Now…don’t misunderstand…I do like TWTR as
a big board tech stock…but it’s just not something
that has the potential to turn your $500 into $750…

Or your $1000 into $1500…in short order.


That’s why I have a new pick coming out soon that
may give us a 25%…50%…or bigger move.

Here’s a quick nugget for ya if you want to find a
stock a cheap stock, say around a buck a share that
can morph your small trading account…into a substantially
bigger trading account…

If you can find a stock making new 52 week lows…somewhere
between 1 and 2 bucks a share…pop up the hood on that bad boy….

Meaning…take a look at the last earnings report. Did they show any sign of improvement?

Was there anything in that report that investors could get excited about…

If it actually materialized?

See…point is…stocks that are cheap…say 1 buck a share…

Are cheap for a reason. But…

If a significant bullish catalyst comes into the picture….

For example…the shipping stocks….some under $5 a share…recently had a big
turnaround…they had lousy earnings…but the Baltic dry index…which determines
the rates shippers can charge…has shot up….

So as a result…shipper stocks have begun to….set sail. 😉

Key is to find some type of catalyst that can reverse a stock’s downtrend…

And do so sharply.


Just found one…

As I’m writing this message…I have a stock that is on my
radar for a big move…

It’s been beat down, battered and abused…

Yet is due for a nice move up…due to the fact that I have
identified a specific catalyst that could turn the tide….

And send this stock up 50%…or higher…in the next few days.

Is that something you’d like me to share with you?

If it is….I’ll be alerting this stock in the next couple of hours….

So to get this new stock pick:

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—> Yes Matt, TWTR is too expensive for me, give me a $1 stock about to move


p.s. time is of the essence, stocks making big moves wait for no one

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