what Ebola feels like & my top stock to BEAT it…


Matt here, and although Ebola is a deadly
virus… And it’s here in the good ol’ US of A…

It is NOT going to wipe us out.

[click here to see what a survivor said it feels
like to get Ebola…cool thing is that he recovered!]

Why? Because of companies here within
our wonderful free market economy, such
as Lakeland Industries….

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I have a new pick for you today based on the Ebola
news out of Texas.

**New MM Pick: LAKE**

(they make haz-mat suits and suits that medical
workers who treat Ebola patients can wear)

LAKE Chart

Strategy: look to enter around 7.50 to 8 and hold
for at least a week or so, unless we see a big move
to sell into…risk here is that hospitals do not take
Ebola threat seriously here in the U.S. and do not
make large orders for Ebola suits

(I say all this tongue in cheek, as the LAST thing
I want is for more people to get this horrible disease)

So after missing DGLY completely based on the
fiasco in Ferguson Missouri, I learned not to underestimate
game changing headline events and how they can
move small cap stocks.

LAKE makes suits that are…well…suited to allow
medical workers to treat Ebola infected patients
without getting the disease themselves.

And with the first case reported here in the U.S. (yes
it’s scary), LAKE could see a huge block of orders
for these suits.

Take a look at the blurb from the conference call
that was held on Sep. 10th, where the CEO discusses

“Indeed we are quite pleased with the progress we are making in the successful implementation of our strategy. Before I conclude my remarks I would be remiss in not mentioning our contribution in dealing with the Ebola crisis. Last Friday U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-moon laid out plans to set up an Ebola crisis center with a mission to halt the spread of the virus in West Africa countries in six to nine months. He is counting on public and private funding from around the world of some 600 million needed for supplies to West Africa.
Over 1,900 people have died and 3,500 confirmed and probable cases of Ebola have been reported since March. Mr. Ban said in this statement the number of cases is rising exponentially. The disease is spreading far and faster than the response. People are increasingly frustrated that it’s not being controlled. Lakeland stands ready to join the fight. With our diverse global operations and the breadth of our protective apparel we are ideally situated to assess — assistorganizations worldwide as they handle Ebola.

Within the past several weeks Lakeland has provided suits that are being used by Doctors Without Borders in West Africa, specifically our ChemMAX 1 garments are being used based on their certification to EN 14126, the European standard for protective clothing for use against infective agents and ASTM F1671 certification for protection from blood borne pathogens. Lakeland has the same certifications for MicroMAX NS and remaining ChemMAX products.

Demand for our suits for these purposes will be incremental to the existing growth that the company is experiencing internationally. The materiality of this incremental demand is yet to be determined but rest assured that we have the appropriately qualified and specified suits and the manufacturing capacity to supply these garments.”

Also here is an article from a British newspaper chronicling the
reality that the person in Texas who has Ebola may have exposed
many other Americans to the disease:

Ebola Article From UK Daily Mail

So, this is a scary situation, but the bottom line is that it’s
a good thing we have companies like LAKE who make things
that can a) help victims get treatment they need and b) prevent
a wildfire-like spreading of the disease.


Lastly, here is a blog post from LAKE’s own site:


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