The solution to Ebola? Maybe…
I’ll get right down to it…
CERS has a plasma technology that could…
Yes could (not a certainty) be used for transferring
the blood plasma of people who have overcome
an Ebola infection to people who are newly
See the recent news clearing a regulatory hurdle that could lead
to using their tech for Ebola.
See article that proves this is a valid method
of treatment here (it was Dr. Kent Brantly’s blood).
In CERS most recent conference call, an analyst asked
if the company’s tech could be used for any sort of Ebola
situation…and they said no, because the CDC wasn’t particularly
worried about Ebola.
Well…that was July 31. A lot has changed since then, right?
Here is the blurb from the conference call (per seekingalpha)
and an article that highlights the change in the CDC’s posture
on Ebola (contrast it with how they felt on July 31)…
In addition to all of this, CERS has several upcoming FDA data decisions in
next few weeks/months. Pharma/biotech stocks like to run into these events
from my experience although I will quickly admit I am NOT an expert on
this sector.
Lastly, let’s return the reality that if Kent Brantly is supplying his blood to infected
patients (God bless him!), that’s great but he can’t realistically supply it to more than a handful of people…so hospitals will need an effective way to supply sufficiently screened blood plasma from Ebola survivors, which could hypothetically be done
using CERS‘ technology.
Whew…that was a lot.
*I am long CERS.