Warren Buffett & The Apple Watch…

Breath in that fresh spring air!

Hi Friend…Matt checking in.

So yesterday I had CNBC on in the morning,
and they showed a clip of Warren Buffett offering
$1,000,000,000 to anyone who could perfectly
predict the NCAA tournament (from last year).

Risky for the ol’ “Oracle of Omaha”, huh?

Not quite.

Odds of predicting a correct NCAA bracket
are… 1 in 9 quintillion.

…Quintillion….with a Q.

(*source: CNBC)

So I’m pretty sure Warren and his partners did
well with all the people that signed up for that
promotion (no doubt they used the info submitted
by people who wanted to win for advertising purposes).

In the end, no one won, and Warren kept his wallet nice and fat.

I can’t blame him though, it was simply a bet
with the odds in his favor.

HEAVILY in his favor. Uh, yeah.


With trading…what do you think your odds are?

There’s a boatload of variables to consider with any stock,
but overall…would you agree that we have at least a 50/50
chance of buying a stock that will go up from where we buy

(especially during a bull market like this one)

Ok, so if you take it a step further and look at technical
analysis (is the stock in an uptrend and not overbought,
or is it due for a rally after being oversold?).

Your odds increase a little.

Look at fundamentals (did a company recently beat
earnings expectations and raise guidance due to a new
product that is selling well?)…

And your odds increase again.

So at this point…maybe your odds of a good
investment or trade are at 55% or 60%.

Those odds are not bad.

Maybe you’d take’em?

Yet what really…and I mean really tilts the
odds in your favor…is being able to know
what others do NOT know.

Meaning…material information that if
publicly known, would instantly drive a stock

Only problem? Is that it’s called “insider trading”,
and it’s illegal.

BUT…what is not illegal…is learning to recognize
certain “tells” that historically point astute traders
and investors to stocks just days, hours or even
minutes away from big, life changing gains.

Like with CRUS a few years ago…when it was
first discovered that their chip was in the iPhone 4…

Shares shot from $5 all the way to $45! A 900% gain!

Yet no chart would tell you that move was about to happen,
and fundamental analysis wouldn’t have either.

The “tell” was just that fact alone (iPhone 4 chip).

And if you think about it…with just a bit of basic
business understanding…that news is understandably

(iPhone continues to be the flagship smartphone)

See…that “tell” was the lone piece of information that
could have made you 900% richer…IF you’d have had the
presence of mind to spot it.

(similar to how pro poker players spot “tells” at the
poker table that lead them to huge payouts)


With the new “Apple Watch” getting ready for launch
on April 24th….

Do you think it’s possible…that another stock could
see a monstrous, wealth generating move like CRUS did?

Well…it’s still about a month away….

And in the meantime, I’m going to be searching high and
low for the next small cap stock that could surge as a result
of a business relationship with Apple (and inclusion in the
Apple Watch).

I’m wondering…

Will you be on the lookout for the stocks that could move
as a result of the Apple Watch launch?

Here’s a quick tip that could help you find
a big mover…

1) Go to google and search “apple watch component supplier”,
“apple watch partner”, “apple watch chip supplier” or something

2) Then make a list of all of those companies…are they publicly
traded? If so, good. You might have a winner. 🙂


There are a few other ways to delve into this stuff…but I’d be
writing a novel if I tried to explain them.

Yet I think that tip might just help?


If you’d like me to tap you on the shoulder when I
find a stock that may make a big move based on
being an Apple Watch partner?

I’d love to!

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p.p.s. check out how foolish Swiss watch makers are setting
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