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The Forgotten Blog?

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Um… Woops! I totally have been neglecting this little blog. If you’re wondering…things are humming along well! I suppose the reason (excuse?) I haven’t been updating this blog is due to my new software that I’m releasing in several months from now. It’s gonna be ideal for the active trader. Here’s a sneak peek at the layout: Hit me upRead More »

Warren Buffett & The Apple Watch…

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Breath in that fresh spring air! Hi Friend…Matt checking in. So yesterday I had CNBC on in the morning, and they showed a clip of Warren Buffett offering $1,000,000,000 to anyone who could perfectly predict the NCAA tournament (from last year). Risky for the ol’ “Oracle of Omaha”, huh? Not quite. Odds of predicting a correct NCAA bracket are… 1Read More »

The solution to Ebola? Maybe…

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I’ll get right down to it… CERS has a plasma technology that could… Yes could (not a certainty) be used for transferring the blood plasma of people who have overcome an Ebola infection to people who are newly infected. See the recent news clearing a regulatory hurdle that could lead to using their tech for Ebola. See article that proves this is aRead More »

what Ebola feels like & my top stock to BEAT it…

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Friend… Matt here, and although Ebola is a deadly virus… And it’s here in the good ol’ US of A… It is NOT going to wipe us out. [click here to see what a survivor said it feels like to get Ebola…cool thing is that he recovered!] Why? Because of companies here within our wonderful free market economy, such asRead More »

BIG Trade Coming This Friday…

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Friend, go ahead and check your other emails. …Go ahead. And then–come back to this one once you’ve read all of them. You back? Perfect. So… I want to tell you why I believe, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that this Friday, September 19th 2014… Is a day you need to be locked and loaded with an online brokerage account, readyRead More »

[track record update] China stock picks SOARING!

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SO are you tired of missing out on my Chinese stock picks yet? [In case you’ve been apathetic towards trading lately, it’s time to awake out of your slumber, and the Alibaba IPO is a major reason why…] Probably not, because you haven’t been a paid member of the Microcap Millionaires family this month. 🙁 So let me fill youRead More »

iPhone 6 & iWatch Trading PLAN for you…

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Friend hi! Matt here… Ready for the “Apple Event” today? [Here’s a CNBC article to give you an overview] I’m checking in to give you the scoop on how you can avoid missing out on what stocks may double or triple in the next few weeks and months… Directly as a result of new information about partnerships with Apple Inc.Read More »

Getting Stock Picks AND Learning As You Go…

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Ever hear something like that Friend? Or maybe “have the best of both worlds?”… Well… When we usually hear both of those expressions… It’s usually people telling us that we can’t have it “like that”. “You can’t have the best of both worlds…” “You can’t have your cake and eat it too..” Right? Now, in microcap/penny stock trading… I’ve learnedRead More »

Updated 2014 Track Record for Microcap Millionaires

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TRADERS and INVESTORS: This is getting ree-donkulous! 🙂 Hey…Matt here… And just since this fabulous new year started, my subscribers have been scoring some windfall generating, adrenaline pumping gains… And at the same time, I can’t really think of any trades that went bad? Not joshin’ ya either. Wouldn’t do that! Soooo…. Would you like to see a track record of myRead More »