iPhone 6 & iWatch Trading PLAN for you…

Friend hi!

Matt here…

Ready for the “Apple Event” today?

[Here’s a CNBC article to give you an overview]

I’m checking in to give you the scoop on
how you can avoid missing out on what
stocks may double or triple in the next few
weeks and months…

Directly as a result of new information about
partnerships with Apple Inc. (AAPL)

Lemme ask you something…

Is doubling or tripling a stake of 5k, 10k, 50k or more
something that interests you…

Especially if I showed you a specific “road map”
or plan to make that happen in just 1 or 2 trades?

[NOT by hyperactive/headache inducing day-trading
or short selling]

Ok, so here’s where you realize I’m not
full of “iSmoke”…

(see what I did there?) 🙂

So let me show you my “proof of concept”…


That what I’m about to briefly explain is actually
something you should take to heart.

Jog your memory back to this time of year, early/mid
September, when we anxiously await the temperature
to cool down and for the leaves to change color…

Four Septembers ago…to 2010.

In what ended up being Steve Job’s last appearance
at a new product launch, the iPhone 4 was launched.

Cancer had taken a visible effect on his body, which
was now very frail & brittle looking, but his enthusiasm still
lit up the crowd at that event.

It wasn’t a totally new product, since the iPhone had
already been introduced, but it was a totally new design
to the phone.


Right on.

Then shortly thereafter, CRUS revealed that it was supplying
a new chip being used in the iPhone 4.

How’d the stock react?

It shot up from $12 to $25 in just about 4 months time.

(Since this obviously was a big deal for their revenue and

And those that held the stock were rewarded as the stock
hit $45 in 2012, although it has pulled back since.

So, do you see how if this sort of scenario presents itself again
today, or over the next few weeks as the new Apple products
are revealed and eventually available for purchase…

That it could lead you to some exciting gains…


Yes IF…

You locate the companies (and of course their stock) that
are revealed to be producing parts for the new iPhone 6

The iWatch?

See Friend…

Recognizing what companies form new business partnerships
with Apple as a result of the new products that will be released

Is a lot like how big money poker players recognize specific
“tells” at the poker table.

Whether it’s noticing a player across
the table nervously scratch their neck…

Or hurriedly scratch their ear lobes….

The key is to fully recognize these “tells”.

In short?

2 things:

1) You wanna make money with small cap stocks?
It’s all about the “Tells” (just like poker).

2) YOU BETTA RECOGNIZE! (the “Tells”)

Got me? 😉

Remember this MAJOR “Tell”, and keep your eyes peeled
for small cap stocks that form new partnerships with Apple
over the next few days and weeks.

I’ll lovingly term what I just explained to you as my “Apple Tell”.

You might just spot a stock that could make your wallet
exponentially fatter before the holidays roll around again.


If you actually do that…and watch for these news announcements…

I think you might find the next CRUS type stock that
doubles in just a few months.

It shouldn’t be too awfully hard?

I dunno…

Yet if you’d like me to spoon-feed you, if and when
these opportunities present themselves…

Simply join the Microcap Millionaires family!

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Excited to alert this new stock when I find
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p.s. my goal is also for you to learn as you go, not just
to take action on my buy/sell alerts, that’s why I break
everything down and explain why I’m alerting a stock
when I do…that way you develop a skill you can pass
along to your kids