Microcap Millionaires Member Update [Example]
Ever wonder what exactly paid subscribers of my newsletter get (subscribe here)? Here’s an example
member update from March 11, 2013:
That sure was a nice weekend trade (bought Friday/sold Monday) onPAMT.
If you choose to hold that’s up to you, but when you have gains that quickly…
Why not ring the register?
PAMT up 15% so far today, and this is a liquid stock, not a pink sheet stock
with a huge spread…definitely the type of stock to put a decent chunk of change
into for a nice short term gain.
This is how you need to manage your trading….use a bigger portion of capital
on the more liquid stocks and aim for a smaller % gain, and use a small portion of capital on the less liquid stocks and aim for a higher % gain.
Make sense?
CGEN is also up, not quite to 6 per share yet….but almost.
Look to sell this one today or tomorrow whether or not it hits 6, still
a nice little gainer from the 5.30 range alert.
Also remember to keep MGT on watch and the shipper stocks like
DRYS may get some juice soon.
Stay tuned for more updates/alerts this week.
Disclaimer: This is not a solicitation to buy/sell securities or equities. Never invest money in microcap stocks/options that you can’t afford to lose.
You can lose all of your capital by trading any stock/option mentioned.
These stocks /options are very volatile and gain and lose value quickly.
We reserve the right to freely trade in any mentioned stock/equity/options. We are not compensated by any mentioned companies.We recommend stocks/options based on our opinion of intrinsic/possible future value only.
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