Updated 2014 Track Record for Microcap Millionaires
This is getting ree-donkulous! šŸ™‚
Hey…Matt here…
And just since this fabulous new year started,
my subscribers have beenĀ scoringĀ some
windfall generating, adrenaline pumping gains…
And at the same time, I can’t really think of any trades that went bad?
Not joshin’ ya either. Wouldn’t do that!
Would you like to see a track record of my recent picks,Ā {!firstname_fix}?
Ok…I will post a track record right here for you.
*It is not “independently verified”, and my lawyer would
probably take a month to do that anyways, so heck
with that.
I can tell you that I am a man of my word, and that I
believe a handshake should be as good as a written contract.
(although it’s unfortunately not in our society of crumbling morality)
Ok, here goes…
Pick 1: TRTC, alerted Dec 3rd around .07 per share, sell alert on
Jan 8th at .31 (yep, sold too early, but not a bad gain huh?) see TRTC
chartĀ here
Pick 2: MONIF, alerted in Sep. 2013 around .80 per share, still holding
as the stock pushes to new highs (almost) around 1.35 see MONIF chartĀ here
Pick 3: NROM, alerted in August 2013 around 1.30 per share, still holding
as stock is now around see NROM chartĀ here
Pick 4: TSLA call options. Alerted 3 separate occasions, 2 were +50% wins,
other time was a small loss. Latest TSLA call option trade was given a sell
alert today, I netted a 57% gain, although I could have made more if I waited
til about 10 am to sell. TSLA chartĀ here
Pick 5: SWRL, this is a “frozen yogurt self serve” stock, and in fact the only
publicly traded stock smack dab in the middle of this new trend in the U.S. I
alerted around .90 per share a few weeks ago, and it’s down around .85 now.
I have a longer term horizon for this stock, so not worried about the lack
of a jump in share price. SWRL chartĀ here
Pick 6: UA call options. This was given the endearing term of my “Duck
Dynasty Trade of 2014″. Reason? When whiny liberals called for theĀ 
show to be cancelled due to a member of the show making someĀ 
common sense comments, people went out in droves to buy gear
from “Duck Dynasty” sponsors…..like Under Armour (UA).
I alerted call options in early January for UA into their Jan. 27th earnings date, and
the stock bursted higher that morning, giving my subscribers an
overnight windfall of over 300% gains! (I didn’t do too bad on it
either) UA chartĀ here
[warning: once you see that chart, you may literally kick yourself for not
joining before that big jump!]
Pick 7: CARA, alerted yesterday around 15 per share. Still waiting on this
one to make a move for us, it’s basically an undiscovered “weed pharma” stock
like GWPH in my opinion. CARA chartĀ hereĀ Ā [was given several good
ratings by analysts this morning]
Pick 8: BRDT, alerted Feb 5th at .28 per share. Another promising “weed
stock” like TRTC. Stock has moved up to .56 since alert, I advised paid
subscribers to sell half of their shares, and many of them are “riding freebies”
in case the stock pushes to $1 and beyond. BRDT chartĀ here
There ya go.
I guess you could technically say one of my picks is not a “winner” yet,
but that is gonna change soon in my opinion. šŸ™‚
Hey I gotta run…I have a mid-day errand to run.
Yet I do want to make you an offer before I head out…
So you don’t have to keep missing out on all of this exhilaration, camaraderie,
and most importantly…life changing profits.
Simply by waiting for my buy and sell alerts, and following them
to the letter of the law.
You can do that, right?
So, I’m going to offer you a chance to join the
Microcap Millionaires Family, right in this here
It’s $97 a month and you can cancel anytime just by emailing me.
No yearly contracts like the other fellas, and I don’t expect you to become
someone who stares at screens all day either.
Just get my alerts, and MAKE BANK!
Excited for ya!
p.s. there will be plenty of opportunities in the future, but why keep missing
out on the ones in front of us now?