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iPhone 6 & iWatch Trading PLAN for you…

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Friend hi! Matt here… Ready for the “Apple Event” today? [Here’s a CNBC article to give you an overview] I’m checking in to give you the scoop on how you can avoid missing out on what stocks may double or triple in the next few weeks and months… Directly as a result of new information about partnerships with Apple Inc.Read More »

“Food Stamp Stock Pick” Revisited…

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I really ruffled some folks’ feathers a while back… They were ticked off because I called one penny stock my “Food Stamp Stock Pick”. In all fairness to my critics…I did go on a couple rants about how people abuse the food stamp system and use it for money to “go clubbin” etc, etc.   [That’s not speculation either…I actually know theseRead More »

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TWTR IPO (Twitter)… What Can It Do For You?

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…Matt here. Darn good to see ya! 🙂 TWTR (Twitter) stock just went live on the NYSE. I wanted to send out a quick email to give you my thoughts, and I’ll be brief. I think: 1) This stock will be much higher 6 months from now (hard to say what it will do now/tomorrow/next week…but leaning towards a niceRead More »